Why You’re Job is Giving You Back Pain

Why You’re Job is Giving You Back Pain
Sitting at a desk typing away all day isn’t fun when we could be sipping Margaritas in the Maldives, but work is work and we need money so we suck it up.
Aside from it being that kind of pain in the ass, it can literally be… A  PAIN IN THE ASS!
Sitting is one of the top killers today. Yes, sitting. Sedentary lifestyles kill. They are murderers! Sitting for extended periods of time is a villain.
There are tons of reasons we can get into for how sitting for too long is extremely bad for your health but I’m going to focus on what it does to your gluteal muscles, aka your ass.
It is common in a desk-bound job for your glutes to shut off. Meaning, they don’t want to work anymore. As though they have a mind of their own, if you don’t use them enough, they will quit doing what they were made to do and start to sleep. Result: Saggy butt.
When this happens, your smaller lower back muscles begin to take on the load that the bigger butt muscles were supposed to take care of. Overtime, this causes strain and fatigue giving you back aches and pain.
I personally have seen this with too many of my clients and have given it the term, Office Booty.
The solution is really quite simple if you’re willing to put in a consistent 15 minutes of self-therapy a couple times a week. All you have to do, is relieve the stiffness and tension in those muscles and wake those glutes up again and keep them awake this time!
I’ve put together a simple guide that shows you exactly what you would need to do. It’s a simple 3-step process and pain or discomfort will begin to diminish with consistent practice.
Do you and your co-workers a favour and download the Office Booty guide and start your #ByeOfficeBooty project!
p.s. It perks the butt up nicely too ?
Cari Li

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