Why You Should Never Be Hungry on a Diet

Why You Should Never Be Hungry on a Diet
We’ve all done them.

The diet where you only eat 10 foods.
The diet where you remove 6,586,394 types of food. (Totally made up number to totally exaggerate.)
The diet where you can only have a certain number of calories.
The diet where you eliminate all carbs.
The diet where you can only drink juice.

I’ve done 4 out of 5 of the above mentioned and even a few more. Most of my clients have been there too. Dieting is trendy and many still associate eating less with losing weight.

Hunger has turned into this unwanted feeling that annoys us because it derails us from our grand plan to eat less during a diet. When in reality, it’s simply a signal that our body uses to send a message.

This right here is the reason why diets fail, because we have adopted a dieting culture that fights against our body instead of working with it.

Instead of worrying about removing every little thing from your diet, how about you start with providing it with what it needs on the most basic level.

Protein and fiber (meaning vegetables).

Ensure that each meal and each snack has a good source of protein and fiber in it. Fill up on the good stuff before worrying about removing the bad stuff.

How much can you eat of it?

As much as you want!

I trust that if you are given an endless amount of chicken and veggies, you can only eat so much of it before you are full. That is why there is no need for you to put a cap on how much of the “good stuff” you can eat because there’s only so much you can eat!

Proteins digest slower than carbohydrates do, it takes the body more time and work. Add fiber into the mix and that slows the digestion process down even more. That’s why combining protein and fiber into every meal is so important because it keeps us fuller for longer periods of time.

Not to mention that our body takes so much from good protein sources and vegetables. Using the nutrients to repair, build and carry out countless processes that if running smoothly helps with fat loss and reduces cravings.

You should never be hungry on a diet if your goal is long-term sustainable fat loss.

If you’re hungry between meals, EAT! Just make sure you’re eating the “good stuff” — Protein and fiber.

If you have cravings, EAT! Fill up on the “good stuff” first and see if the cravings subside.

If you’re tired and need some energy, EAT! Chow down some “good stuff” to carry you through your day.

You don’t have to be afraid to eat if you are eating the right type of foods.

If you want help with the first step of adopting a healthier diet, I created a FREE 5 Day protein and fiber based recipe book called, #JustAddStarch. My clients and friends use the recipes to make their dinners and leftover lunches and all they have to do is add a starch (carbohydrate source) of their choice to each meal if it is in their dietary plan. It’s a free download that you can get here and I’ve even put together a shopping list for you to use for your week’s groceries!

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