Why Diets Fail & How to Succeed

Why Diets Fail & How to Succeed

I remember the days when I used to diet. It was usually like 11.5 months out of the year and to tell you the truth I never really got anywhere. Within a year I’d gain and lose the same 10-15lbs even though I was always working so hard to eat less and eat clean.


That was when I was baby in fitness though, I didn’t know better and I learned the hard way by messing up my metabolism and hormones.


Today, I’ve been diet free for about 2 years and I feel better than I have in a long time physically, mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually.


Over my almost 10 years in the fitness industry, I’ve personally done and watched many women fail at diets and since I no longer believe in them, I wanted to win you over to my side.


I’ve written a list of the top reasons why I see them fail and I’m going to give you my top solutions for them. Hopefully, by the end of this article you’re going to join my #DietMilitia haha!


Top 3 Reasons Why I See Most Diets Fail

1) They ask for too much!


It’s like they want you to give up everything you love about your life! They want your identity to become a diet! They want to deprive you of everything worth living for…like Doughnuts. Haha!


Seriously though, a diet shouldn’t consume all of you because it’s so hard to do. There are times for diets like that but trust me, most of you don’t need that in your life.


Whenever I watch someone dive head first into a diet, I watch them roll right back out of it heavier and more unhealthy. It’s not just a frustrating process, but an extremely unhealthy one. Each time you go through the yo-yo dieting cycle, your metabolism suffers more and more.


2) They aren’t made for you!


Come on world! Haven’t we already spoken enough about being unique and being YOU and embracing our differences??


Yet when it comes to dieting we still think that what works for one person automatically works for us.


No sweetheart, everyone’s body is different and responds different. You cannot just copy a list of what one person eats and expect it to work for you.


3) Relying on a brand!


I’m all for healthy shakes, bars, prepped meals and supplements but there’s a difference in using them and relying on them.


How many people start a diet that is promoted from a certain protein shake or a juicing system or where they send you meals? Millions around the world are doing this everyday, but what happens when they stop ordering those products or when they don’t have access to them or when they are tired of them?


They go right back to what they used to do.


Why? Because they never learned how to eat FOR THEM. They blindly ingested what was given and grew dependent on these brands.


What do you think happens when they gain back all the weight? They run right back to these brands and blindly pay them to lose the weight for them again.


They were successfully marketed and sold to and these companies are making BANK off of them!


Top 3 Solutions to “Staying on a Diet”


1) Focus on Protein and Fibre.


If you look across almost all the diets out there. If you look at majority of the health and fitness people in the industry. You will see that the consistency of adequate protein and fibre is key!


This factor is a nonnegotiable for someone who wants to avoid constant hunger, constant cravings and low energy.


All the other factors of a diet revolve around this main component of Protein and Fibre.


If you want help getting started with this first step, you can use my #JustAddStarch Recipes, It’s 5 dinner and leftover lunch recipes that are protein and fibre based so that all you have to do is add a starch of choice (rice, potatoes, quinoa, etc.) to complete your meal.


2) Play around with your Carbohydrates and Fats.


Remember how I said how unique we were? Well once you get your protein and fibre down, start playing around with your carb and fat intake.


Your body will either do better with higher carbs and lower fats OR high fats and lower carbs.


What you will not find is anyone doing well on both high fats and high carbs in their diet. That steers someone towards lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease.


Remember, the protein and fibre are always consistent, the only thing that changes person to person is the manipulation of carbs and fats.


Be patient with yourself and observe how your body responds and adjust accordingly!


3) Include #SanitySnacks !!


#SanitySnacks are my weapons against deprivation. I personally have one every day and so do many of my clients. Some of my clients do better with them once a week. Like I said, your body, your rules, so find what works for you!


These are little things you love that you just don’t want to live without.


For me, that’s chocolate!


I have it everyday and because I get to have it everyday, I never feel like I’m missing out and I am never on a “diet”.


This has been a powerful tool for me and my clients who have had a history of falling off diets and binging. We just don’t do well with the deprivation, we do worse! Why would we keep doing what doesn’t work for us?


If you’ve tried your hand at a number of diets and haven’t been able to stick to any of them, I encourage you to take everything that they’ve tried to sell you and throw it aside.


Start fresh with these 3 little steps:
1) #JustAddStarch Recipes to focus on Protein and Fibre.
2) Adjust Carbs and Fats
3) Include #SanitySnacks !


As you learn more about your body, you’ll be able to fine tune your diet and get the sustainable results you’ve been working hard for.



Cari Li


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