The Hustlers Fat Loss Solution

The Hustlers Fat Loss Solution
A female hustler is a woman who has no time to waste because she’s got important things to do and many places to be because of her many roles in this world.
Money is not the most important thing to her, her time is. She protects her time and energy because that’s what gets her ahead in the game. Anything that wastes or misuses that time and energy loses any place in her life.
As a fellow female hustler who knows how precious time and energy is, I’m going to give you the real answer to your fat loss / fitness solution.
Maybe you’ve tried that, but not all weight training programs are made the same. You need a program that doesn’t take hours a day, that could also be done at home or at the hotel gym because you have places to be with little time to spare.
Most of my clients are female hustlers like us and so I had to start giving them solutions. All you need is 40 minutes, 2-4 times a week at a location of your choice and you can get results using just a pair of dumbbells.
I call it my #4x40program and here’s how I break down the timing of each workout…
Our first 5 minutes are spent warming up and we do that by practicing the 4 exercises of our workout that day but without the weights. The next 30 minutes is when the real work comes in. We start our timers and complete as many rounds as possible with our dumbbells until the timer goes off. The last 5 minutes of our 40 minute program is spent cooling down and stretching.
The exercises…
To make the workout effective, the exercises we use have to include the whole body. Doing any isolated exercises just won’t get our heart rate up the way compound exercises do. Think lower and upper body working together.
They also have to use dumbbells as a source of resistance because then you can perform the workout anywhere by either purchasing some dumbbells or using your gym or hotel gym.
For the 30 minutes that you are performing these exercises, you should go through the rounds for as long as you can and only rest when you have to. When you have to is when your muscles are burning and you can’t really talk because you’re out of breathe. Then take a rest long enough so that you can continue your workout with just as much intensity. Complete this procedure until your 30 minutes are up.
The weight…
For most of your strong ladies, a 1 pound (0.5kg) dumbbell probably won’t do anything for you. You have to pick a weight that enables you to perform the exercises safely, but challenges you at the same time.
Most my female hustlers start with a pair of 5lbs (2.3kg) dumbbells and work their way up from there. Once you work your way up to about 5 rounds or you find the weight too light, go up to the next size.
There it is…40 minutes well spent and making good use of your time to give you more energy.  Pick 4 compound exercises and use some dumbbells and start your workouts!
If you’ve never done any weight training before, you can download a FREE sample of my #4x40program, the same one my clients start out with, as a starter program. It’s simple enough so that you can learn how easy lifting weights can actually be.
I have a mission to show women that they don’t have to give up on a fitness / fat loss plan because they don’t have the time. With just 40 minute sessions a couple times a week paired with positive nutrition habits, you can actually see your body change, energy increase and health improve.
Don’t give up.
Cari Li

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