The Hardest Part of Getting Fit

The Hardest Part of Getting Fit
It’s a big deal right? Getting in the gym, getting fit, starting a diet.

Takes a lot of thinking. Takes the perfect timing. Takes a ton of preparation.

It’s just not convenient, right?


It really doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it. It never has to be as big a deal as we make it. All those requirements that we build up to an overwhelming degree are not necessary.

The hardest part about getting fit is starting.

Many times the hardest part about doing any thing is just starting.

Why? Because WE make it that hard.

We typically take an issue or something we need or want to do and add all these expectations till it grows to a project of intimidating proportions that leave us paralysed.

THAT is what makes starting so hard!

After almost a decade of coaching in the fitness industry, my favourite first suggestion for anyone thinking about getting fit is to start small.


Like 15 minute workouts a few times a week small.
Like eat veggies in every meal small.
Like get 8 hours of sleep small.
Like meditate 15 minutes a day small.
Like drink 8 glasses of water a day small.

Think you could commit and succeed at any one of those? Definitely!

It’s more approachable if you shrink the idea of getting into a workout program.

Don’t worry about what you always hear from other fitness professionals about long workouts in the gym and extreme dieting. You weren’t doing them anyways so don’t think about what you’re not doing enough of.

If you get started on any one small tiny thing, that’s already more than doing nothing. You only have one small thing to fit into your day and worry about getting done and once you practice at it, you won’t really have to think too much about it anymore.

Starting there helps you gain momentum and all you have to do is keep adding one little thing after another, adopting one new habit at a time and you’re going to be on a solid path to good heath and fitness.

It always starts with the first little step and that’s where we have to put our focus when it comes to anything we want to accomplish. Whether it’s starting a business, a diet, a home project, etc. don’t be paralysed by all the things you’ll have to do, just take action!

If you want help starting, I’m running a free #SLENDERin7 Challenge from Monday, October 23rd to Sunday, October 29th.  We’ll have to complete 4 super short, 15 minute workouts in the 7 days and there will be a few mini challenges to do too on our off days too. You’re going to be accountable to a whole group of likeminded people in our Private Facebook Group and I’ll be teaching a ton of bonus tools in there as well.  All you have to do is click here for more information and to sign up for the challenge!

Cari Li

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