Stress and PCOS

Stress and PCOS
et me preface this with, I am not a doctor but I’m sure many of you women will gain some clarity from reading this information and hopefully some hope for a better life. 
In my previous article on How PCOS Affects You, I said that this syndrome is stress-derived. So let me explain why I say that and what exactly stress is because it really is a very big word in the health industry that can be underestimated. Stress is something that affects us greatly yet we are told to brush it aside because we have to hustle and work hard and sleep when we are dead.
Over the years I’ve personally been coming across more women diagnosed with PCOS and they are getting younger too. Let’s also notice that the world’s hormonal issues have increased significantly in our technologically advancing world. There will be many other posts about this issue so let’s focus on our growing stress and how it affects PCOS…
Every year it seems as though the expectations of being an adult, or even just a human being, is growing. We are living in a world that always encourages and requires more whether it’s in a social aspect, career aspect, aesthetic aspect, etc.
This means we also have to move more efficiently and so our lovely society has provided us with the means to eat so easily out of plastics and boxes to meet hunger and craving requirements. To down large amounts of caffeine to extend our energy. To place ourselves in constant “daylight” to prolong our work hours.
You get it… we are just so damn “efficient” nowadays.
But if you’re reading this, I assume you have PCOS or someone you know does and you’re probably not feeling so efficient. Maybe feel like you have a hard time keeping up with this circus of a world swirling around you. Probably the epitome of struggle right now.
So what has all this efficient living to meet ridiculous expectations done? Probably a ton of little (but not so little) things over a good amount of time that has finally showed up as something much more serious and your body is now screaming at you that something has to change.
So stress…
We often think of mental stress when we got too much work going on or just a lot to juggle. Yes, that all plays a big role but that is not the only form of it. Your body could be stressed from poor nutritional habits, a poor sleep schedule, environmental oestrogen’s, too much exercise, etc. It could be many things and there are probably a few areas in your life that you need to make adjustments in to start seeing a difference in your condition.
Depending on the source and level of your stress, it’s going to throw your hormones off in certain ways. Do this enough and long enough, you get hormones that do not act the way they are supposed to and one thing leads to another leaving you stuck in a cycle that takes a decent reset to get out of.
Most people do not want to or claim they cannot afford the time and effort to remove themselves from this cycle. However, you really cannot afford not to! This is your wellbeing, your life, your energy, your vitality. If you don’t have that then you cannot take care of anyone else.
So how do you end up with PCOS?
Well the whole menstrual cycle is dependent on our hormones to act a certain way. Usually, FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) is released from the brain and interacts with our ovaries to cause the follicle to mature so the egg inside can develop and “pop out” to travel down the fallopian tube and be fertilised. When there’s an irritation to this process and the egg does not “pop out” but instead forms a cyst we end up with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. So for this to happen some hormonal processes have to “malfunction” and a number of stressors can and will do exactly this.
For some of you, the areas in which you struggle can be very obvious. For others, you may just be too overwhelmed to even think about this. Get help and assistance. Be brave to take the steps to live differently so that you feel different! It’s not going to be easy at first but it does get easier when you practice changing your lifestyle and mindset.
Of course if you need help pinpointing the changes you should make, need someone to be accountable to, or even someone to give you the confidence to do what you already know you have to, get a coach. Email me and let’s see where you are and what we can do to improve your situation together.
No matter how you go about this, remember it was a process coming into this state and it will be a process coming out of it. Give yourself the time and patience when dealing with this. The body needs time to adapt, so don’t let frustration be another stressor in your life. Be mindful of your thoughts and meditate daily to clear them.
Sending energy and strength your way!
Cari Li

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