My Best Advice for Life and Weight Loss

My Best Advice for Life and Weight Loss
My best advice to give… is that there is too much advice and that you can’t use it all.

With the availability of massive amounts of information at our fingertips these days, we seem to be more lost than ever when it comes to who we are and how we should live.

Left and right we are being told what happiness, health and success looks like but it seems as though most of us can’t figure out how to achieve it.

Just look at the rise in obesity and depression rates and that will show you just how unsuccessful we are at applying any of this information.

So what do we do? How do we know which ones to pick?

In my opinion, I take all advice as just that. Advice. Some I throw out immediately because it’s either unreliable or inapplicable to me. Some I implement or store for the right time to use it.

Good advice to me is from a credible source who is trustworthy and has my good intentions at heart. It’s advice that doesn’t just tell me what I should be or do, but how to implement it and get there. It’s advice that helps to set me up for success instead of just frustrating me with the inability to take efficient action.

I’ll leave you with a few pieces of advice that I’ve learned from my life and also weight loss because those are the only two areas I feel I can be credible enough to help in.

My Personal Best Advice about Life:
  • Live your life true. Do what you want to do, not what others suggest or expect from you. It takes bravery but in my experience it is well worth it. Start with figuring our your purpose and priorities and make sure each decision is a step towards those.
  • Do your best not to judge others because I’ve learned that everyone has a story that we don’t know about. That is also why we should do our best to be kind. When you feel yourself judging / being mean, take a step back from the situation and realise that there is most definitely a reason why this person is acting this way. Why is not important and we may never know, but there is a reason and we can try to show empathy.
  • Practice letting go. Nothing in this world is forever and as long as we keep expecting things or people to be, we bring about great unhappiness in our lives. Realise and trust that you need nothing more than yourself to be happy. Start removing clutter from your possessions, then start removing anything else that is an energy sucker from your life.
  • Happiness is a choice. Not one that is always easily made, but practicing a change in perspective will bring you happiness in any situation. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself in the mirror how happy you are with a big smile on your pretty face.
  • Don’t hold back your love for others because you fear being hurt. Accept that you will be hurt in one way or another by those close to you, so love them anyways. Start by realising how you yourself have been able to unintentionally hurt those you love and that it’s unrealistic for you to expect others to never do the same.

My Best Advice for Weight Loss:
  • There is no magic pill / food to eat for weight loss, you just have to start living healthy to be healthy.
  • There is no one diet and exercise program that perfect for everyone because we are all different. Start observing what works for you and what doesn’t and live accordingly.
  • Get healthy and lose the weight for yourself and not anyone else. Find personal reasons by digging deep because getting a 6-pack never made anyone truly happy.
  • Lose weight in a manner that is respectful to your body, not through extreme practices that deprive your body of nutrients that it needs to function. Start with ditching all the crappy diet advice you were given, it’s never served you well.
  • Think deeply about why you gained the weight in the first place. What was going on in your life that caused overeating / fatigue / stress. Ignoring and understanding this will not help you keep your results. Start by thinking back to any big stresses or ongoing stresses in your life.
  • You don’t have to do everything at once and take all advice, you just have to start. #FITTINGin15 is a great program that simplifies the process and gives you a great jump start on weight loss.
  • Eat real food instead of processed foods. The best foods for you are from nature herself, don’t fall for the marketing of processed foods. You simply have to start by selecting only the natural foods when you shop or dine out.
  • Choose a system that is sustainable with the lifestyle you have. Anything too extreme will only provide short-term results. This takes trial and error to find what works for you. Trust yourself enough to go through this process. The 4-week Nutrition Fat Loss Course that comes with #FITTINGin15 walks you through this process.
  • Finally, weight is a poor standard of measure for a person’s health. Go by how you look and feel. Start by using the weighing scale less and removing all emotions and guilt associated with the number on that scale because it says nothing of the person you are!

Live Happy and Healthy Always,
Cari Li

p.s. The #FITTINGin15 Home Weight Loss Program is now available until the 8th of November for $37 only (usual $69). It has 2 bodyweight programs and 2 dumbbells programs that you can do anywhere. That’s 20 workouts that take only 15 minutes a day to do!

I provide a Get Started Kit that gives you great advice on how to use the guide most efficiently and each step to take. 8-Week Workout Calendars are given to you to follow along with and use for accountability. Top that off with a 4-week Fat Loss Nutrition Course that gives you bite-sized information so you can implement it step-by-step. Click here for full details and to purchase.

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