I Am Me

I Am Me

I am me. I don’t need a label. I don’t need an identity from any person, government, or community. I don’t need stereotyped so that one can be more comfortable in approaching me. I am simply me.

You see, I’ve struggled most my life with trying to fit in. Growing up in Singapore I went to a Chinese school where I looked more like the White girl. When I moved to Ohio, I went to a predominantly Caucasian school where I then became the Asian girl.

Here I was, White and Asian, without fitting into White and Asian. Here I was, with my own, not being one of them. Here I was, being able to be “like” them without them being able to understand me. It’s not anyones fault and there’s nothing wrong with it. I’m just different.

Being multiethnic made me feel like I did’t fit in for the longest time and I so badly yearned for that belonging. A community where I could just sink in and be comfortable. Where I can just squeeze in between two of my kind and snuggle. As hard as I try, I can’t. Not without being true to myself. At the end of the day, I have two very different cultures. However, I am not only these cultures, I am so much more.

I no longer have a need to fit in the White box or the Asian box, but that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my heritage. It just means that I can be so much more than that. That I don’t need the comforts of a specific community’s standards to live by. I can live by my personal standards and no one else’s.

Doesn’t matter who you are or what ethnic background you have, you never have to lock yourself to a label. We are simply the human race, colourful and beautiful in every aspect. Colour and heritage can be a part of us but doesn’t have to define us and our actions.


Cari Li

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