How PCOS Affects You

How PCOS Affects You
PCOS — A syndrome that has become more common in which women develop cysts on their ovaries. This in turns wreaks hormonal havoc on the their bodies which means numerous health issues such as, weight gain/loss, irregular periods, diabetes, acne, facial hair growth and fertility issues.
Many women are told to treat it as something they just have to put up with when it really is a symptom of an underlying condition. Doctors prescribe birth control pills to “deal” with PCOS, and the probable list of other conditions that come along with it (insomnia, depression, anxiety, diabetes, etc.). However, there NEEDS to be a focus on lifestyle change to fix/deal with the hormonal turmoil that the body is going through. What is even trickier is that you can easily go too far with your recovery by exercising too much or dieting too strict. PCOS puts your body in a sensitive state because it is STRESS derived. (I explain what I mean in this article.)
Because PCOS affects hormones, more than likely you are dealing with a great deal of health issues. Hormones control so many processes so if they aren’t functioning and responding properly you can find yourself stuck in a vicious cycle.
Let’s take sleep for example… Hormones help regulate our circadian rhythm, which is our body’s natural daily rhythm that involves a number of hormonal fluctuations throughout the day to keep our bodies going or resting when they are supposed to. So let’s say that because of the irritation to your hormone production your sleep is now affected. Perhaps, you’ve developed insomnia or can’t achieve good quality sleep. That alone is frustrating. Who doesn’t appreciate good sleep?!
Ok, let’s keep going…
When your body has poor sleep, many other hormones don’t respond very effectively too. Hunger hormones, for example, don’t really like to inform the brain that you’re full when you don’t get enough sleep. Well if those don’t shut off when they are supposed to we can see this leading to obesity, diabetes and even heart disease.
Now we can say that if you have been gaining weight, you probably have some blood sugar issues. Well those definitely don’t help keep anxiety away! Guess what?! Blood sugar issues can be the culprit of you waking up in the middle of the night too so now we have that adding on to your insomnia issue.
So this is just a small example of how important managing your hormones are. Why looking at all your conditions as a big picture is important. PCOS means that your body is extremely sensitive, so you have to be a little more disciplined for your own good. it is possible to reduce a lot of these symptoms or at least the intensity of them and lifestyle choices play the biggest part.
If you know a lady who is just going through a list of these symptoms, have them go to their gynaecologist for a check up. If you have already been diagnosed, email me to discuss how we can get YOUR first steps back to feeling better. I emphasise “your” because hormonal issues work differently for everyone and therefore the approach has to be individualised.
Wishing you the best of health,
Cari Li

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