Get Uncomfortable!

Get Uncomfortable!

The last 7 years of my life have been spent living across 4 continents. Within the last 8 months, I’ve spent time in about 20 cities in the United States. My friends don’t text the usual “Hi, how are you?” anymore, they ask “Where are you now?” instead. Whenever I see that I just have to laugh because it makes me ask myself the same thing – giving me a moment to self-reflect.

I’m geographically always on the move and sometimes I swear I can’t even keep up with myself. At this moment, I plan to visit 5 countries for 2 and a half months during the summer, only to return to the U.S. to visit 4 different states in the rest of the year. I love it.

While travelling, I come across many people who often tell me they have always wanted to live how I’m living and travel more; or that they want to move to a new place but <insert various reasons here>.  That’s okay though, there’s nothing wrong with staying still if that is truly where they want to be doing what they want to do.

They express how lucky I am to get to live this life and while I do agree I’m extremely blessed, I don’t think they realize that most of it was simply my decision to live this way that enabled it. They express how they would love to live like this, but do they really? Because 99% of the time, they would have made it work if they truly wanted to live a certain way.

Many of the reasons we give for not doing something we want or wish for have to do with the discomfort of separating ourselves from what we are used to. It’s the inability to step out of our comfort zone.

Most times we aren’t in a position where we truly “can’t” do something, there’s just a fear or unwillingness to. If you truly wanted to be something or live a certain way, you would do what it takes. There are sacrifices that have to be made, but you would be achieving what you always wanted.

When it comes to my gypsy lifestyle, I can’t have much more than 2 suitcases of belongings, which means a very limited closet (a nightmare for a female!). I am also always torn from loved ones and will miss out on many important events such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc. I do accept all these sacrifices and so do the ones close to me because I am where I want and chose to be and they have learned to respect that.

It just so happens that the fear of stepping out of our comfort zone stretches to more things than just travel. I’ve heard countless people talk about their experience with “getting fit”, many never follow through with adopting a healthier lifestyle because it’s out of their comfort zone. They haven’t decided to make the sacrifices for the health / fitness level they want, or actually need in some cases.

Sure, they may have tried a trendy shake or a juice cleanse or whatever comes out that’s popular at the time – but those are easy and convenient and also don’t last. A real health improvement does involve a good amount of change for those in poor condition.

Yes, you have to eat differently.

Yes, you may have to move more.

Yes, you have to prioritize your rest.

Is it uncomfortable? Of course! It’s just like being in a country where nobody speaks your language. But we humans are very adaptable, and like with all new things: practice will make it easier and at some point habitual/ automatic.

If your health is in danger, your current lifestyle, your current comfort zone played a large part in getting you there. Why would you hold on so dearly to that? Let’s be real and face that it’s not because you can’t do something about it but because you haven’t truly decided to do it. You need to let it go and dive into something different.

It’s overwhelming. I know. Just simplify it. Pick one big thing you’re going to do differently (an improvement of course) and start with that. Cut out processed foods. Drink more water. Get 8 hours of sleep. Go for a walk every week. Anything. If you need help with these changes, shoot me an email.

It only takes a few big things to see big changes.

Focus on the new exciting experiences, lessons and perspectives that you’ll learn, not the sacrifices you have to make. In other words, focus on thriving, not surviving because just surviving isn’t good enough.

Get uncomfortable. Learn a new skill. Experience a new culture. Explore a new country. Meet new people. Taste new food. Try a new workout. Adopt a new lifestyle. Do something crazy. Live how everyone says they wish they could live. We love hanging onto our comforts but without change, there is no growth. Without growth, we aren’t living to our fullest potential.

Cari Li

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