Fix Your Energy, Fix Your Motivation

Fix Your Energy, Fix Your Motivation
How do I keep my motivation up?
This is the number one question that I get as a fitness / health coach. The struggle to keep going on an endless path of exhaustion is what people want to know. I guess they perhaps assume that those that live healthy or are “fitness people” are ones who are able to maintain this tiresome form of living for extended periods of time.
Well, most of us don’t. Who would want to live such a miserable life denying themselves the pleasures of living? In fact, if you know anyone in good health, they are probably the opposite of miserable. They have energy, they are active, they are alive.
The best way to approach your “exhaustion” towards a healthy lifestyle is to fix two things…
1) Your energy
2) Your Motivation
Let’s talk energy…
Without it, you’re not going to be able to do more. Here’s a common mistake that many with already overwhelming, busy, insanely demanding lives make. They have all their energy spent on work, family, household, etc. and are trying to find more energy to spend on working out and maybe even at the same time restricting calories (aka denying energy). I don’t know where you think this energy is going to come from honey, but it doesn’t appear out of thin air.
If you only have X amounts of energy per day and X is already being used up daily, then something has to go if you’re trying to add something into the mix. If part of that energy is not being spent on taking care of you, then something is wrong and eventually the number that X represents will get smaller and smaller. It will then hit zero and even dive into the negatives where you will be in energy debt, and energy debt is NOT a good place to be.
A way to increase the number that X represents is to feed your body with good energy. That means wholesome foods with a proportion of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) that suit your body type. Feeding your mind and body well will give you more energy to move and consistent movement that is above an intensity that challenges your body but below an intensity that negatively stresses your body will make you stronger. In other words, find a good balance of exercise to increase the number of X.
Without energy, there is no motivation, there is no sustaining a program, there is no health-improved you. Find your energy and fix it.
I hope you followed… I apologise if you didn’t but I’m half Asian and my brain likes math. (If you’re offended, you’re taking life and me too seriously.)
Moving onto motivation
“How do you find the motivation???” We don’t.
Motivation comes and goes, it’s unreliable. It depends on too many factors that can’t totally be dependable. It works on using willpower and willpower runs out sometimes, especially if we are constantly relying on it to keep us going.
I think people have the misconception that high motivation doesn’t include time for rest and recharge. That this “no days off” and “all day, everyday” attitude is necessary and what gets people farther.
Well it doesn’t. It’s dumb and unnecessary. If you’ve found your peace in having no days off from the gym, good for you, but doesn’t mean you’re any better than a person that actually benefits from a rest day or two or three a week.
So if we aren’t doing the whole motivation thing then what? Purpose.
I have a  purpose in life as do we all and for me to carry out this purpose I need to be healthy. I need to make sure I am taking good care of this vessel I’ve been blessed with so that I can move efficiently and powerfully to live my purpose.
An honest change in perspective can do you wonders to your approach in anything, especially when it comes to adopting a healthier diet and consistent movement.
I wake up and am ready to go to the gym. I’ve found peace and joy from it. I know what my body withers to without it. Letting what God has given me to carry out my mission deteriorate is disrespectful and a disservice.
Now make a plan…
I hope that with this information, you create a realistic plan for yourself. Do an audit of your time and see what has to go so that you can add what’s necessary to your schedule. Energy debt is a real thing and will hit you hard. It’s called a burnout and when you burnout, you’re not getting anywhere. Play the game smart to live and fight another day stronger, don’t sacrifice your piece early. Find your purpose and correct your perspective. Healthy living is not a chore, it’s self-respect!
Cari Li
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