Engage, Experience, Expand

Engage, Experience, Expand

A popular way to deal with poor eating habits is to withdraw yourself from all the situations that could tempt you into eating what you’re not supposed to. I’m guilty of doing this in certain aspects of my life, food used to be one of them.

An example: Not attending social events where there may be “bad foods” or removing everything “bad” from your house.

That practice, to me, doesn’t bring me any freedom. Instead, I rather engage in the process of finding my triggers. Engage in what goes through my mind when I can’t stop eating something. Engage in the reasons why I have to fill certain cravings.

What I mean by “engage” is to bring your awareness to the connection between mind, body and soul. The body is very smart and has reasons to act the way it does. Think about why you are turning to food. Think of why your hunger is out of control. There are reasons for all this, some physical and many emotional. Engage and connect to learn more about your body.

Deprivation causes unhappiness. Avoidance shows a lack of self-trust. Experience and test your personal boundaries so you can grow from them. You won’t get it right the first time and that’s okay. Explore what treats your body right and what doesn’t. Discover patterns between life and how your body reacts. You’d be surprised and probably a little kinder to yourself when you see the shit you put yourself through.

Expand your capabilities and bring more to this world because the world sure needs it right now! Fill your life (and stomachs) with what gives you vitality and you won’t go wrong. Expand what your mind and body are capable of. You can’t do this restricting yourself in every way. Expand through testing yourself and getting uncomfortable, that’s how we continue to grow.

I’m excited for your new experiences!

Cari Li

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