Do You Workout to Eat Anything You Want?

Do You Workout to Eat Anything You Want?

“I workout so that I can eat whatever I want!” 

This for real used to be what I used to say too!

Until I realized it was more of a cover for “I have no control over my hunger and cravings!

Not a fun cycle to be in and honestly not sustainable too because this is another way to work against your hormones. If you’re not working with your hormones, then they are going to come back and kick your butt, right?

Nowadays, I am fully aware of how easy it is to slip back into that cycle. The cycle that’s driven by the fear to gain weight or “get fluffy”.

If I start eating uncontrollably after a longer, intense workout ( or two or three), I understand that I’m doing too much in the gym and pull back. Yup, doing less is my answer for this.

This keeps my body in a state where I can have great energy, great sleep, great moods, manageable hunger and low cravings. Where I’m not living in a constant state of panic if I miss a workout or have to constantly fear foods.

Basically, my life is no longer run by my workouts and my meals, but yet I manage to stay consistent in health and fitness with much less effort and I have much more time to pursue other things.

Pay attention to the signs that your body is showing you and be real with the messages that you are telling yourself. It’s fun to believe that you are so “dedicated” to the gym but we tend to find obsession when we want to run and hide from other things.

Make sure your hours at the gym are an act of empowerment, not slavery. Make sure your food is enjoyable and not a dictatorship.

I don’t see how living that way could be worth it. That’s why I don’t promote it, teach it or practice it. Do you?

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