About Me

Fen_Cari1Cari Li…

With over a decade of coaching experience, I have been in the fitness industry for more than 5 years helping people develop healthier bodies however I can. I now provide online lifestyle coaching for women who are having trouble with fat loss results by tweaking certain habits to make it the smoothest journey possible for them. 

I strictly work online with women around the world to knock down goals in health, fitness and lifestyle practices.They come from many different backgrounds such as career women (lawyers and executives), entrepreneurs (extremely busy business owners), stay-at-home moms, menopausal women (or women over 50), and even youths.

I learn about their backgrounds and current lifestyle practices to figure out what has been contributing to their deteriorating health and aesthetics. From there, I work with them on discovering the best solutions that they can sustain long term.

Click on the services page or email me at Cari_Li@BalanceThruWellness.com to find out more about how I can help you knock down health and fitness goals.

My History in Fitness…

I began coaching gymnastics at the tender age of 16 in Ohio, after having migrated from Singapore. As much as I love sports and fitness, coaching was something that was even more appealing to me.

I continued to coach tumbling to a cheerleading team (that didn’t speak English) while living in Finland, helping them move from their usual 16-18th national placing to 6th that year.

With a desire to take my passion of empowering and enabling others further than this sport, I obtained a Certified Personal Trainer certificate from NCSF.

My career as a fitness coach began working and learning beside experienced trainers and competitors. I continued educating myself further through courses, textbooks, research and practice.

Over the past 6 years, I have coached women online and in countries like Singapore, The United States, France, Argentina and Brazil who were all looking for ways to maintain a good figure and good health without distracting them from their priorities. 

My Perspective…

Balance is everything to me. However, like many other women out there, I was swept away by society and lost myself while trying to keep up with the world’s expectations of the “perfect woman”.

I believe that fitness and nutrition need not be extreme. Your life does not have to revolve entirely around trainings in the gym and hours prepping meals to successfully achieve aesthetic and health goals.

Rather, implementing sustainable solutions into your current lifestyle can help you find the right balance to enhance your mental, physical and emotional health.

I personally discovered how the “extreme” fitness lifestyle wasn’t for me and decided to focus on sharing how I have come to this refreshing lifestyle of fitness/nutritional moderation and balance.

I’ve decided to help women understand that they do not have to be the people they see in magazines and that they do not have to deprive themselves in order to be comfortable in their own skin.

I want them to realise that there are realistic ways that they can improve their body and health even with a full schedule of being a mother, career woman, wife and daughter.