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In this video, I discuss that 5 non-negotiables that I implement for me and my clients. The importance of these for good health is vital and if you need somewhere to start, then start with these 5 areas.

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Summary of video:

  • 5 things everyone needs to do to maintain or improve their health.
  • Without these, your health deteriorates and so does your mental clarity and so whatever you are giving your health up for is truly never worth it.
  • Everyone’s list can be a little different but these few basics are ones that everyone should have.
  • I’ll be teaching this in detail in my #5DayDomination Challenge
  • #1 Sleep
    • 8-10 hours scheduled away and untouched!
    • I’ve talked a lot about sleep before and that is not something to sacrifice!
    • I’ll even add the link to my Sleep Simply Cheat Sheet so you can get better sleep!
  • #2 Proper Eating
    • This means having legit food that your body and mind needs to process and heal.
    • For the busy people on the move, filling up with snacks and eating while walking / driving all the time is no good!!!
    • You’re eating mindlessly and that means no satisfaction, no satiety, no time for your body to be in rest and digest mode and that’s a big reason why many people have health issues!
  • #3 Exercise / movement
    • Stop saying you’re too busy for exercise.
    • You have to make time!
    • Humans were not created to be sedentary all day long and that’s why when we live sedentary lives, we start developing diseases like heart disease and diabetes! Stop blaming your genetics!
    • Get in the gym, go walk outside, climb some stairs, join a pilates class, play tennis, anything! Just keep moving daily!!
  • 4) Meditation / Prayer
    • Whatever you want to call it, or practice, you need time daily to just sit and be with yourself.
    • Reconnect with yourself.
    • Our mind, body and soul is so disconnected nowadays and it’s honestly sad.
    • I always said that as a personal trainer, my biggest job was to help someone reconnect their mind, body, soul. This is the soul part!
  • 5) Fun
    • Every week / a little bit every day, go do something you enjoy!
    • Do something that takes your mind off work and bills and responsibilities. Have fun!
    • It’ll help brew passion in your life again, it’ll bring about creativity and positive outlook. It will RECHARGE your batteries!
  • Okay, those are my 5 nonnegotiables that I need you to implement into your day / week!
  • If you want help trying to figure it all out, I am teaching this in my #5Day Domination challenge that starts Monday, January 15th!
    • We’ll be going over how to properly prioritise your time and energy so that you can create a happy, healthy life and start hitting those goals!
    • Things like fitness and clean eating will become habitual and you’ll start living the way a healthy person does. Go ahead and register now!

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