10 FREE workouts that will get your muscles burning and fat crying in 4 minutes! 


All you have to do is press play and you'll get a quick demo of the exercises and a timed video of the workout you selected.


#4min2fit is a FREE compilation of 10 bodyweight workouts, ranging from easy to advanced, that will get your heart rate up, help cut the fat and quickly build your strength and stamina in only 4 minutes!

Me and my clients have a love-hate relationship with these little workouts because they are as challenging as they are effective and so I just had to share some of them with ya!  

I know it sounds crazy that 4 minutes can make a difference, but if time is keeping you from working out consider this: Seven days of #4min2fit workouts give you almost 30 minutes of INTENSE exercise that you would never have had otherwise.

Time to get started on the quickest workout plan ever!

What's in the #4min2fit Workout Guide?

10 Super-Short Workouts

  •  Tabata-based workouts that are only 4 minutes long.
  • These short workouts use exercises that are easy to learn and place them in a system that fully challenges you. 
  • Your heart rate will be raised and muscles burning if performed with your full intensity in these 4 short minutes!

Video Demonstrations

  • For every exercise in this workout guide, I give you video demonstrations that explain the mechanics of how to perform them.
  • I'll also keep the demonstration running with the countdowns and prompts for your 4 minute workout so you don't have to worry about looking at the stopwatch.

Community Support

Gain access to my ladies group, Booty, Brains & Bliss, where you can feel free to:

  • Post workout videos for feedback on form.
  • Tell us your fitness / nutrition goals to keep you accountable.
  • Join us in our LIVE weekly accoutability sessions where I give weekly focuses and bring on guests to with amazing insight on anything fitness, growth and happiness!

After You Join...

You'll have to click the link in your confirmation email and your guide will be sent right to your inbox for you to get started on your #4min2fit workouts! The guide will have a button for you to get to each workout video and you'll also have the link to join our closed Facebook group!

Hi, I'm Cari Li!

An Energy Management Coach who's been helping women achieve fitness and fat loss goals around world for almost a decade.

I'm really excited to share these short, intense workouts with you that literally only take minutes! The best part is you can literally do them anywhere at anytime and for someone who loves to stay busy, that makes consistent workouts easier for me! I know you're gonna have fun with these, so grab a friend and get your sweat on! 

Xx, Cari Li