3 Ways to Understand Your Body

3 Ways to Understand Your Body

How much awareness do you have for the signs your body are sending? Are you hungry all the time? Is your energy crashing on you at the wrong times of the day? Do you give in to those late night cravings no matter how hard you try to resist?


I ask because these are the signs that tell you what you need to change in your life for you to see improvement in your condition, fat loss, and overall health.


The path towards weight loss is not only physically challenging, it can be mentally and emotionally exhausting too. It almost doesn’t seem worth it when you see your efforts go down the drain so easily, especially when it took large amounts of hard work and discipline to get there.


Now, let’s talk about hunger, energy and cravings…


Hunger: Gives you clues about your gut hormones and whether they are responding properly or not. If your hunger is out of control, look at these areas…

  • Protein and fiber (vegetable) intake. You may have to increase the amount of protein and vegetables you eat to increase satiety and feed the body what it needs to process efficiently. You can use my free #JustAddStarch Recipe book that gives you 5 Protein + Fiber based meals to help with this step.
  • Natural foods intake. Switch out your processed foods for natural ones so that digestion takes place at a slower rate and you feel full longer.
  • Sleep deficiency causes your hunger hormones to act funny. Basically, they don’t get the message to tell you that you’re no longer hungry. So even though your stomach is full, your mind (hormones) is telling you to “feed mah bellyyyyy”


Energy: Tells you about your blood sugar balance. If you’re experiencing energy dips during the day, look at these areas…

  • Processed carbs. Eliminate or limit your processed carbs so that your blood sugar isn’t sent spiking then crashing. If you do decide to have some carbs go for a natural source instead. Many people benefit from having zero to just a few bites of carbs during lunch and holding off till later in the day.
  • Protein and fiber intake AGAIN. Adding protein and fiber to your carbs ensures that everything is digested at a more moderate pace. So instead of getting an energy spike for half an hour then crashing immediately after – you last longer during the day.


Cravings: Indicator of stress in your life. This does not just refer to the “I’ve got so much to do” type of stress, it could be a number of things in your life. This one’s a little tricky (because it could be any number of things) but here are some examples…

  • You could be doing too little exercise or too much exercise. Exercise is usually a positive stress, however, with the extreme fitness trends today, along with crash/strict diets, it can easily become a negative stress.
  • You could have food intolerances that you may or may not know about. Just because an intolerance doesn’t cause immediate effects on your stomach (e.g. bloating or running to the bathroom), it doesn’t mean these foods don’t stress your body. Sometimes, just removing the one food intolerance allows the body to function well and focus on regaining a healthy metabolism! This means fat loss without torture!
  • Rest and Relaxation. People underestimate the power of R&R. Doing more does not always ensure positive results with fat loss or improved health. Sometimes a little time everyday (10 min) and some weekly leisure time (1-2 hours) can do a person wonders in terms of health and fat loss. Making sure you bring your stress down can help hormones reset themselves and function properly to help you rest better, eat better, and move better.


Now that you know what to look for, take notes on your daily biofeedback (hunger, energy, cravings). See what happens at multiple times of the day and look for patterns with how things like certain foods, your sleep, and workouts affect your day. Play investigator and learn about your body by listening to it.


Remember that often times, many problems can be solved with prioritising your protein and fibre intake. If you need help with this first step, just use the free #JustAddStarch Recipe book to learn what you can play around with when creating your meals. When you’re eating out, make sure you start with looking for a healthy protein and ensure there’s vegetables that come with it.


It can be that simple!


Cari Li

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